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Southwest Oklahoma Crime Stoppers

At the heart of  Crime Stoppers of SW Oklahoma lies a dedicated team of board members who work tirelessly to ensure that our community remains safe. If you are interested in becoming a Crime Stoppers Board member, email

A special thanks to these individuals and their employers for helping make Crimestoppers/Drugbusters a success. If you know any of them, please express your appreciation the next time you see them.

Jonathan Morgan (President)

Colby Stephenson (Vice-President)

Ippy Elliott (Treasurer)

Kristie Bolen (Secretary)

Haley Wilson

Caitlin Williams

Taron Epps

Nathan Merritt

Johnny Owens

Butch Hooper

Elaine Hilz


Larry Thoma

Johnny Kinder

Ken Dixon

Mark Mason

Jerry Hrnciar



Proudly Sponsored By

 Crime Stoppers of SW Oklahoma is generously supported by a wide array of local businesses and organizations. Their contributions play an instrumental role in the positive impact we make on our community. We're proud to showcase our esteemed sponsors:

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